Volunteer Resources


Thank you for volunteering with the Northwood PTA!  Our goal is to make the planning process as easy as possible.  Please review this comprehensive list of resources to get you started on planning your event or program!   If you have any questions, please contact the PTA Board Member who oversees your event or email president@northwoodolwspta.org.



As per district policy, all volunteers who will be working with students:

  • must complete a background check
  • must check in at the front desk

Thank you.


Required Volunteer Training 


Required Volunteer Training


All volunteers in the Mercer Island School District are required to complete the online volunteer training and submit paperwork at least 48 hours prior to your first volunteer session.  


All volunteers are required to go through a volunteer training process. This process includes:



  1.  Watching the MISD Volunteer Training Video




2. Review Covid-19 Volunteer Information 


3. Reviewing the Volunteer Handbook



Complete and return the following forms to any one of the school offices:


 Field Trip Chaperone

*If you are volunteering to chaperone a Field Trip only, please navigate to the district Field Trip - Volunteer Chaperone page. 


NOTE: Each year, volunteers need to complete each of the above only once. 


Event Chair / Coordinator FORMS & Resources

Event Planning


Event Planning Guide


This Event Planning Guide is a great starting point to help you plan your PTA event. Learn all about PTA resources, to access printable forms and utilize templates to get started on planning your event or program!  

Event Planning Forms

  • Includes editable forms to assist in your planning efforts – Event Checklist, Timeline, Budget, Event Wrap-Up

  • These forms should be submitted to the Director who oversees your area.  This valuable information will be passed on to the volunteer planning the event the following year.

Northwood Facility Use

Facility Request Form

  • Complete this form at least 2 weeks prior to your event to request use of Northwood facilities.

  • When submitting this form the Northwood Main Office, please include a separate sheet indicating number of tables requested, number of chairs requested, a drawing of the room layout and any special requests.


Facility Maps and Layouts


Reimbursement Form

Check Request Form

  • Complete this form for any payment requests or reimbursement requests for PTA-related expenses.
  • Submit completed along with your receipts (detailed receipts are required).
  • The appropriate PTA Board member or Director must sign your reimbursement form.


Procurement Request Form

  • Provide this form to businesses when you are requesting donations for a PTA-sponsored event.

  • Before soliciting a business for a donation for a PTA event, please approve the request through the PTA Director who oversees your event or program. 

Money Handling Forms


Use these forms if you are charging a fee at your event or if you are handling money for any goods such as spirit wear, concessions, etc.


Social Media Policy


If you are utilizing the Northwood PTA social media platforms, please familiarize yourself with the official Social Media Policies.